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how can the plum card's trade terms get your business booming? booming is putting more music in more people's hands. right now tensions rise on capitol hill for tuesday's deadline. >> the only way to get an agreement is is to have an agreement with the president of the united states. pa. >> has any ro gress been made with the haggling on the sidelines. >> leadership and who if anyone will electric like a winner. i'm alex witt. welcome to msnbc sunday. new signs that lawmakers may be close to reaching an agreement. they have two more days to raise the nation's debt ceiling and
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avert a catastrophe that would have a global effect. the gop is negotiating directly with the president. >> the speaker and i are fully engaged with the one person who signs a bill into law. >> harry reid was set to sign the bill at 1:00 p.m., but he put it off until this afternoon. >> we should give everyone as much room as possible. many elements we finalized. there is a distance ago before any arrangement can be completed. >> the senate will be in session at noon and lawmakers are scheduled to cast the vote at 1:00 p.m. for more let's go to john harwood. good sunday morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell us about this 1:00 p.m. vote. what will they be vetting on?
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>> on moving forward whatever the compromise will be. in the senate, you have hurdles like a filibuster that requires 60 votes and a certain amount of time to pass before you can have that vote and give people time to debate the motion. they are working backwards and trying to figure out what they can do to get themselves in place. we also know that whenever the congress as a whole decides to do something, they can act fairly quickly if they can prevent senators from trying to hold off the package. they do appear to be moving forward and that's a sign that a deal is likely to take place. when we get the announcement of a deal, we have to figure out whether the leaders can get the votes. we have seen the process break up. >> we have. right now, what's happening. is it all behind the scenes? >> yes.
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it's all behind the scenes and very intense the the white house. you had meetings between the president and democratic leaders. then you had the series the conversations with the republicans. what appears to be emerging is republicans conceding what the president can have a debt limit extension through 2012. that will be the key. we don't want to go through the circuits again. the president is conceding that there is not going to be tax increases in the package. both of those things are difficult for their sides to swlo. they have to make sure when you add up what you get in the house, you get enough republicans to get to 216 and the same thing in the senate, because it's mish mcconnell, that has it on the republican side. >> this whole angle, lots of headlines that he is the deal maker. he's the one who we keep hearing
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this strong sound byte from saying we are working towards the compromise and we'll get something done. we are not going to default for the first time in the nation's history. is he the key to getting the compromise? >> he's the big key to getting a deal between the president and the leaders. he is not the key to getting the vote in the house of representatives. mitch mcconnell is important. you have the republican house that is resisting a deal with the president and resisting raising the debt limit. you need republicans to move forward, but mitch mcconnell has shown a willingness much more f. he and a senior leader can make a deal t becomes more difficult for republicans to block it in the house. they will lose the republicans anyway. remember, john boehner passed the his plan that has no chance
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of going forward in the senate. it has debt limit increase on passage of a balanced budget amendment which is not going to happen. mitch connell can try to move that process along, but john boehner has to figure out how to get to a majority in the house. that's why nancy pelosi is relevant again as well as members of the caucus. >> this passage of a budget amendme amendment, if that's not put in there in some shape or form whether tied to raising the debt ceiling or a side bar, what does that say for the tea partiers who demanded this and have been relentless in demands for this? if that's not in there, could this thing fall apart before tuesday? >> it will fall apart unless they can figure out a way to have a bipartisan coalition.
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>> the tea party has been insisting on things that are not achievable the way democrats share power. you need a doll 2/3 vote and th may be a variance that can pass, but what they are talking about, no chance of that happening. they are asking the leader to achieve something that is not achievable. whether it's john boehner or deputies, they have to have a talk with them. when the deal is struck between senate leader mcconnell and administration, they will have to have hard conversations with members of the caucus. they will lose a bunch of them and a bunch of the tea party and many, many members of the caucus will oppose a deal and have to figure out where they get enough to hang with him and enough democrats to get it done.
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>> thanks for breaking it down for us. much appreciated. >> here's a look at the schedule. the senate will be in at 12 noon. we will following every minute of the process. we will have the developments on the hill and my colleague will pick it up and host of msnbc's daily run down who will pick up it is coverage at 1:00. >> a $25,000 reward for a young girl missing for a week. selena was last seen at her home computer. her family returned home yesterday after police searched the property and said there was no indication she ran away or someone took her. >> this reward should not be read into that we are transitioning in this investigation. we want to put it out there because of the vigilance of the
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public. the recent successful cases of missing children that were recovered sult of that vigilance of the public. >> they have knocked on about 300 doors for any clues in her disappearance. >> a miraculous plane crash after a plane overshot the runway this weekend. it originated in new york and touched down on a wet runway and broke in half, just short of a 200 foot ravine. persons describe a scene of pure chaos. >> everybody was screaming. i can't explain. >> we tried to get over and the people had to jump out of the plane. >> four people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> july will go down for the hottest month on record for several cities.
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meanwhile the heat will continue for the central part of the country and here with your sent forecast, good sunday morning to you, ray. >> dallas is on a run with day 30 of 100 plus heat. in the tropics, we are monitoring low pressure that may be the next named storm in the atlantic basin. usually we average one or two storms. we might have the first august storm on hand as the low is emily. as we go through the early middle part of next week, heads up as this one compared to donald will take a normal or easterly turn. it's about 750 miles away from thely ward ilans and convection trying to getting in. speaking of and taking us back state side. we had rainfall in chicago for the month of july. alex, the heat continues and
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under that bridge today at 105. >> oh, boy. not welcome news for the folks in dallas. see you again. >> will iran free the hikers after two years in prison. they head to their final trial today. we will have a live report. >> new hopes for the family of amanda knox. the dna evidence that helped convict her is disputed in court. back in washington, the negotiations on capitol hill. why have we seen so much rhetoric so late net game? was it all theater? [ female announcer ] experience dual-action power,
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a test vote will be taken on the plan to raise the debt ceiling. the white house and leaders are making progress on a new plan. mitch mcconnell said he is optimistic. >> i spoke to the president and the vice president within the last hour. we are now fully engaminged. the speaker and i with the one person in america out of 307 million people who can sign a bill into law, i am optimistic that we will get an agreement in the very near future. >> joining me from washington is a reporter for "usa today." what are you hearing this morning? >> i'm hearing that there is a deal in the works. everyone is hopeful they are able to get something done. the president would get his wish
5:15 am
that we wouldn't be revisiting the debate. they would raise the ceiling to 2013. republicans would get the cuts they want and the special commission that would identify more cuts. one of the things that have been -- we are better than we were yesterday. the clock stopped ticking and the 48-hour window here, we go until midnight. is that going to present a problem? >> of course. but i think at this point the leaders are committed and we might be going until midnight on tuesday. that is absolutely a possibility. and likely to get at this point.
5:16 am
>> is anybody coming out of this looking like a leader not only for his or her party, but overall like the leader who is taking us out of this impasse? >> i don't know that there is one person that grabbed the torch and runs us into victory or anything, but at this point mitch mcconnell is looking good like he is starting to forge an agreement with the vice president. as far as who is going to emerge the person, that's to be determined. we can't say because we are not at the end of this. >> by far. appreciate that. >> while the senate returns to work, plan to raise the debt ceiling. negotiators need more time. >> i spoke to the white house quite a few times to everything and they ask that i give time to
5:17 am
as many as possible. thanks for joining us. >> it is a good morning. >> tell me why. >> we have an opportunity to do good things for america and we have to be careful. the right program could be good and the program could be devastating. we have to protect those that are most vulnerable. the seniors and those dependent upon medicare and medicaid. we have to do it right. we have an opportunity to do it and we will see what happens. it's a very, very tough situation. the other team is determined to roll back the very nature of our country and the kind of things that made us successful. >> can you categorize with the last 24 to 48 hours have been like there in the house?
5:18 am
just the tenor of things. >> we are getting dun to the end of the days that are possible, the timeline is shrinking and people begin to get tense. we saw that on the floor. speaker bane when he spoke was very, very tense and uptight and angry in ways. nancy pelosi spoke and she too spoke forcefully. there is really a necessity here to put all of this behind us. this is the first time that anybody can remember, four or five deck'ses that the debt limit has been used to force into the national policy programs that could never pass in the normal course of events, but the republicans have been doing that, this is the fourth time in the last ten months using various moments, the necessity of getting it done or
5:19 am
government will shut down and now the debt limit. using that as a lever into the policy, draconian and very, very bad things like going after medicare. taking money away and an opportunity away from american who is want to go to school. what's this all about? even going after social security. that doesn't make sense. then refusing to have shared sacrifice. the wall street barrons that took this nation to the edge of destruction and the wall street melt down are getting off scott free. the oil companies would continue to give them $5 billion to $6 billion of tax money and exxon made $10 billion of profit this last quarter? this doesn't make any sense. shared sacrifice has to be part of it. it doesn't look good right now. >> the way you describe things, it sounds nothing short of
5:20 am
heinous the things put out there, from the democratic perspective. how about they agree with republicans on what's out there? >> i must say even though it's good to be up in morning and see the sun come up, every step we have seen the democratic position erode. now we seem to be in a position where there will not be shared sacrifice. there is not likely to be any increases in taxes on the wall street guys that are paying 15% on the billion income or the oil companies taking back our tax money they have been using. those seem to be off the table. that's unfortunate because that leaves us by going after the vulnerable people. the student who is need to go to school so the economy can move forward with educated workers.
5:21 am
school lunch programs and worker safety programs and all these things have been cut by the republicans here in the house of representatives. it looks as though we are going at this not in a shared sacrifice way, but rather going after the vulnerable. this talk in this town that the deal is going to include cuts to medicare. i'm going no way, no how should we do that. it's not right. it simply is not part of the american values, but here we are. >> there is a lot of work to be done. meantime, the american hikers held in iran for two years get their day in court. will they be freed? later another royal ties the knot. this time it's a cousin. here on msnbc sunday.
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>> an iranian woman who was the victim of an acid attack pardoned her attacker. they awarded a victim an eye for an eye sentence and she decided to forego her right. she said i did it for my country. her attacker will serve the remainder of his 12-year sentence. >> two jailed hikers scheduled to appear in court today. shane bahher and josh fattel were charged with trespassing and skying. sarah shourd was released for medical and humanitarian reasons. they remain jail and pleaded not guilty to the charges. we have the latest from there. with a good day, let's get the latest. has this appearance in court
5:26 am
happened? do we know about what's going on? >> good morning. it started about seven hours ago, 9:00 tehran time. the lawyer was hit with his client. unlike the last court case the two men had, they finished bi12:00 in the afternoon and we knew what had gone on. there would be a second session and there were more questions. outside the courtroom, we haven't heard anything from the morning session. it appears there was an afternoon -- it's 5:00 in tehran now so everything should be wrapping up. hopefully in the next hour or two, we may get more. >> we appreciate that and we will cut it short. there has been a sound issue. we will hope to get it cleared up the next time we see you. >> after weeks, the white house and republicans reached towards
5:27 am
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are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit . >> you are looking at the picture of the white house where a compromise can be in the works where they go into default, you are not going there. s en harry reid over at the white house. they engaged in direct and separate talks with the president and vice president. nbc correspondent, mike viqui a viquiera. there is the show we want. >> reporter: there is the white house. >> the negotiation stands at what? >> reporter: furious negotiations continue at the staff level at this point. they have been talking as you know. mitch mcconnell, let's rewind a couple of days.
5:31 am
the republican leader and the democratic leader saying look, he sort of reversed course. i don't want to negotiate directly with you anymore, majority leader, i want to talk with the president. the republicans pulled the plug on the grand bargain and congress said i got this. after a week of drama and calisthenics and frustration and anger that went along with it that we have been reporting, turns out they couldn't get it done. they turned to the white house, the president and vice president playing a key role and using the relationships he used to try to work something out. at this hour, they appear to have the framework of a deal in place. there was an encouraging sign last night about 10:00 when harry reid went to the floor of the senate and had they had that vote scheduled for 1 a.m. and postponed the vote and the reason why he postponed is they were making headway towards a
5:32 am
deal. all along the question has been how do you increase the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion and do it all at once or in a way that doesn't require congress to do this in two stages and create uncertainty in the economy? the question is, how do you get to the cuts in government programs? they have agreed to an across the board cut. if they can't agree over the past few days and weeks about social security and medicare and revenues, something for everyone to hate. if they can't agree by a date certain, across the boards would kick in and that is not the agreement they are talking about right now. >> okay. thank you for the update. see you again next hour. with only two short days before the deadline on the deal, congress remains polarized and
5:33 am
they are expected to vote, however there is talk that republican controlled house will vote down anything that comes from the senate. that has us wondering, when did the word compromise turn into a dirty word on the hill. the congressman on ohio, thank you for being here. >> good morning. why is there such a stalemate on capitol hill? as a former congressman, what led up to this or has it all been this way in. >> there totally different skills between expectative and legislative skills. legislators say i'm not responsible and executives say what he stands for and why. when a leader refuses to do that whether it's a garden club or sports team or a company or a nation, when they don't know what to do next, two things happen. they turn in on themselves and dissipate and fall apart and there a couple of examples as to
5:34 am
there is not a person alive that can policy why we are bomb and who we are bombing for and two examples of what it is the president truly wants. that leaves people shadow boxing and they turn in on themselves and it falls apart. >> did compromise at any point seem to go out of fashion? do you think we tourn a day where we work together? >> compromise is another term for negotiation. you sit there and find the things you agree upon and move towards the center. when you don't know what it is you are agreeing upon -- let me you that i believe when the history of this president is written, the day that the president had paul ryan who had exposed himself and saying here's what we want to do. he had him lecture him about why he was so bad and what he was doing to the elderly and the
5:35 am
poor with no alternative. here's what i believe would be better. he just attack and with that i believe there was a rupture in the obama presidency from that day forward that will make it very, very difficult for him to proceed without exposing himself somewhere saying i stand for this. why don't we get together. >> who are ultimately comes outloout looking the best? >> what has been spectacular is how in the world the speaker of the house was able to corral all the cats. he has no tools. in the history it has been that you can promise members something or cut a deal. he said there is no more pork barrel. merely on the force of his personality to bring it to the point where it is today is spectacular. the question internationally, america made a tremendous error by this lack of leadership and
5:36 am
rambling around on the critical issue. >> thank you for weighing in. thank you so much. we are going to hear from gerald from new york in the next hour. stay tuned for that. success or failure of a compromise may depend on president obama. he urged congress to work out a deal. >> the parties are not that far apart here. we are in rough agreement about how much spending we need to cut to reduce the deficit and on a process to tackle tax and entitlement reform. there plenty of ways out of this mess, but very little time. >> the xm radio talk show host, joe madison. good morning. as you know the president is taking a lot of heat saying she giving too much ground. what do you believe the white house is doing? giving too much or not? >> yes. he is giving up too much.
5:37 am
i heard the congressman say there negotiations and compromises. you negotiate to reach a compromise. the reality is though, i think he's a very clever negotiator. here's why i say that. if you have to be clever when the other side is holding figuratively speaking a financial gun to the head of all of us. if you are threatening to reduce the credit rating or the credit of the united states and throw the entire world into economic chaos, that's a hell of a gun you are holding to the head of the world. i think what the president has done is he is showing the other side, look. i'm going to have to give up things that are going to hurt me with my constituents and you will have to do the same. what the other side is saying
5:38 am
and has said, we are not going to give you anything no matter what you ask for. i think he is being a very skilled negotiator. >> giving up these consessions, is this the only way the president can get a deal done? can he play hardball? >> it's perilous. think about it. what if he decided to just do that, what you said. i will play hardball. pull the trigger. pull the trigger. now whpz now what happens to all of us if this car goes off the cliff? we will all regret it. what we tried to save will have been destroyed. once again, i think it's going to cost him some concern. he's going to have to rebuild confidence with progressives and
5:39 am
that type of thing. what choice do you have? >> the tea party is getting a lot of what it wants. are congressman backed by the tea party becoming too powerful or do you believe the fact that there is so much discussion about the tea party holding hostage these negotiations? people are going to see that and go i don't like that. >> what are have they gotten though? even members of the tea party were split in the vote. boehner didn't get all of the tea party members. congressman west, they are threatening him right now on the floor and talking about primarying him. not all of them voted. this last negotiations, think about it. what did they get that they held out for? you have an interesting compromise here. you have the president saying i'm not going to have this six
5:40 am
months from now. we will go beyond the election. then you have the republicans saying in unison, fine. we don't want bush tax cuts repealed. both sides i think the adults have gotten into the room and said okay, we will compromise. i'm not certain that the tea party members have gotten all that they wanted and as a matter of fact, i quite honestly think they are imploding. >> sirius xm radio talk show host, thank you very much. >> we invite you to watch "meet the press" and among the guests will be clair mccaskill of missouri and david plouffe. princess ann's daughter has tied the knot marrying her long time love in a private ceremony
5:41 am
in scotland. they cell britted into the wee hours of the morning. stephanie, this time yesterday, you were hoping to get an invite. there were a lot of cute rugby guys funneling in. >> for didn't pan out. i tried hard, but in the end the doors it were closed. i knocked and no response. we all watched william and kate get married three months ago. that wedding and the party cost $30 million. by comparison, this wedding was $800,000. no doubt it was still a royal affair. it's a good year to be a royal. weddings, wonder for public support. the crowd outside let it be known. the royal finery was on display for the second time. big clears for the newlyweds, the duke and duchess.
5:42 am
for this wedding, the pressure is off. they are relative unkboens. this is the queen's granddaughter. her husband is the captain of the rugby team. they said it would be private. >> no occasion where the queen and prince william and kate can be wholly private, not with the press outside. >> no cameras in the church not like in april when two billion people got front row seats. only 400 guests were invited and the public was not encouraged to line the streets. we have chosen because of this royal mile. it limits the crowd size. three months ago they had two million spectators for william and katherine. here they expect about 1500. >> some people you couldn't keep away. >> a lot of people said the monarchy is a thing of the past. >> don't you believe it.
5:43 am
>> sarah phillips is not your typical royal. princess ann, her mother did not give her a title at birth and encourages independence. phillip who made her name as an equestrian said she won't take her husband's name. a modern approach. there was plenty of royal tradition at order of the arrivals to the reception. the latest generation is striking their own balance between the new and the old. from the response they received in scotland, it seems to be working. sarah phillips is known as a bit of a rebel. she is the only member of the royal family with a pierced tongue. this was her chance to show she has grown up a bit. you saw that in the choice of dresses. stewart. >> vin is conservative and traditional and one of the queen's favorites. >> a beautiful setting. is that arthur seat behind you?
5:44 am
>> this is where they got married. the royal church here where they had the reception and partied until about 2:00 in the morning. >> thank you so much, stephanie goss. >> new optimism for amanda knox and family. the dna evidence shown in court as she fights a murder conviction. specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release...
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>> a crucial weekend for amanda knox. they said evidence used against her was badly flawed and contaminated. the two were convicted of the murder of knox's british roommate. keith miller is live for us in italy. how did things go in court for knox? >> very well although the last session was the prosecution's attorney and they were trying to
5:48 am
dismantle the evidence so much so that the local newspaper called it a demolition job. they mentioned that the new dna evidence that said there is no dna was like sending a torpedo through the courtroom. the prosecution lashed out at the panel of scientist who is called the dna used unreliable. the judge read a letter from the forensic team defending the professionalism of his officers. the findings is a major embarrassment to the national police. they were accused of more than 50 breeches. dna was used to convict knox and her former boyfriend of murdering her roommate. the most damaging finding is the absence of dna from the victim on the alleged murder weapon, a kitchen knife as the prosecution
5:49 am
contending. the new finding according to a criminal attorney in rome appears to undermine the prosecution's case. >> if i were reviewing this from an american point of view, it looks like a slam dunk. >> the knox family remains optimistic, but delays in the appeal mean knox will spend another summer behind bars. >> it's unfortunate that we have delays again and they will have to sit another summer in the heat, in jail while everybody is on vacation. >> the judge adjourned the trial until september 5th, but there is a half dozen sessions or more before the judge will get a chance to pass his verdict. we are expecting and we know for a fact he has three options. he can find her not guilty and release her and give her a harsher sentence if other evidence surfaces or reduce the
5:50 am
sentence. all three are open to him. they are going for option number one. >> absolutely. august will seem like a long wait. more on the debt ceiling talks. will there be a compromise in time to avoid default. has it been all scare tactics? the next guest is here on msnbc sunday. [ jelani ] neither of my parents went to college. something that was drilled in me early on, you know, college is the place for you. it's my number one goal. ♪ students like me, who take these ap math and science classes and have these opportunities, this is where the american dream lies. when i write that book, you know, i plan to dedicate it to my school. ♪ those hopes and dreams that you have, you know, they're within reach. and i'm living proof.
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taking a toll on the financial markets, the dow dropped 540 points, but one expert believed all along the situation would be resolved and there would be no government default. the economics writer with the "wall street journal," good morning. >> we are coming down to the wire. there is no deal.
5:54 am
are you optimistic? >> this has been -- this kind of mellow drama that we all know the ending to, that is that sometime in the next 72 hours they will reach an agreement. republicans and democrats are not far ark part. sometimes the last few agreements are the hardest to get. they will get an agreement. this is what i have been saying. this is the way that washington operates. we wait until the last minute to get these things done. you remember when we had the continuing resolution fight in april when they waited until 11:52 p.m. this may go to the last hour, but they will get an agreement. >> how about the negotiations with the president? what do you expect to emerge? once that takes place, it will all move quickly and smooth sailing some. >> the deal will be between john boehner, harry reid, the senate majority president and if the
5:55 am
president doesn't sign on, you don't have an agreement. i expect later today they will get this. my congressional sources yesterday were saying we are very close. >> republicans had a pretty rough week, steven. the boehner bill failed and amend and passes. it looks like the house speaker couldn't get his house members in line. how do you think last week affected the republicans? >> the democrats had a rough week too. president obama gave the speech on monday that dropped like a thud. the democrats have not passed. one of the things that irritated my friends, they say look, we passed two bills to move forward on this debt ceiling. harry reid and the senate, they never passed a budget. in my opinion, both parties look pretty bad. >> can't disagree. >> i'm out of time. is there any ripple effect with
5:56 am
the potential for the downgrade? >> i think there is a possibility of a downgrade and the reason is because this deal that they reach is looking kind of flimsy. it's not substance in terms of reducing the debt. the deal that doesn't make progress, that could lead to the downgrade we are trying to avoid. >> great. thanks a lot and good to talk with you. more on the wrangling of the debt crisis. could the president give up too much? as the talks get down to the wire, will the tea party have too much leverage? we are asking about this in our next hour on msnbc, the place for politics. in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network
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the national debt grows higher and americans watch and wonder what's happening in washington. >> i think it's

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